Tusick & Associates Architects, Inc. believes that architecture is a fine art, a fine art that everyone physically experiences. To create this fine art, you have to be an architect committed to excellence and must constantly balance three design components: aesthetics, function, and economics.

A key component in balancing the aesthetics, function, and economics is you, the client. You, as a collaborating partner in shaping the program, determining a direction, and defining a project are extremely valuable. Our design approach is to be flexible and adaptable, not pre-determined or rigid; always listening and questioning throughout the design process to apply our knowledge and experience with your input. This creates a responsive, creative, exciting, accessible, and sustainable design that meets the unique challenges and opportunities of your project. Our final goal is to delight you.

Founded in 1994 by Susan B. Tusick, the firm is a 100% woman owned business. Susan strongly believes in accessibility and sustainability; to the point that she is a LEED AP. Under her leadership, the firm is committed to design excellence with a staff dedicated to providing our clients with highly professional services. Some unique features of Tusick & Associates Architect are:
  • Principal and our senior architects will direct and actively produce your project as the primary contact and delivery point. When you hire us, you get us.
  • We are committed to maintaining the lowest overhead possible through business practices; minimizing non value-added costs. You only pay for things that add value to the project.
  • Quality control is performed by senior staff, the people with the most experience to do the work and review the details.
  • We use virtual network technology: connecting our clients, our staff, our consultants, and ourselves. Our office is wherever and whenever you are.
  • We are a Women Business Enterprise and a Disadvantaged Business Enterprise certified by the Pennsylvania Department of General Services.
  • We are in the Unified Certification Program for Allegheny County.
  • We are trained by the Department of Urban Housing and Development (HUD) for Uniform Federal Accessibility Standards (UFAS).