Architecture is not as simple as pure art, as utilitarian as engineering, or as abstract as urban planning. The orchestration of architectural design is a complex collaborate process with the architect as the composer and conductor of the creative process, striving to achieve excellence. Three basic components; aesthetics, function and economics need to be balanced for a successful project. If one of these components is out of balance, the others are equally out of balance and the project suffers. To achieve excellence and balancing of the components, the architect needs to approach the project being flexible and adaptable, not pre-determined or rigid. Using the latest technology in design, building management and project management to aid and clarify the creative phased process, we ensure that aesthetics, function and economics are balanced.

Our logo has been created to express our design philosophy. We have taken the traditional box to represent past and current thinking. The box is rotated in order to be viewed differently. The box is sliced, examined, explored, researched, evaluated, and challenged in every situation. We are constantly striving to achieve excellence from the old and the new.

An example of the old and new being revisited is sustainability in architectural design. Architecture has been built from what nature provided. Architecture has been built to respond to the environment and currently we are respecting the old and incorporating sustainability into our designs, but with a new twist provided by time and technology. Sustainability can be evaluated, certified and checked through commissioning.

Tusick & Associates Architects‘ founder, Susan B. Tusick, is committed to sustainability and is a LEED AP. Through her leadership, her firm is committed to helping our clients understand the environmental and human benefits as well as the financial impact of sustainable design on their project, short and long term. The sustainable design needs to be balanced with the building’s program and it's budget in order to be successful.