Bayer Federated Employees Credit Union

From a drab, cramped, ill-lit space to an organized, properly lit, sophisticated open space that delighted and surprised everyone, including employees, no one could believe how open and light the new credit union was.

Bayer Federated Employees Credit Union

Pittsburgh, PA

Interior Architectural Renovation/Interior Design

Project Description

The Bayer Federated Employees Credit Union is an independent organization contracted to be Bayer Corporation’s credit union.  For years the existing credit union required upgrading and renovations.  Bayer Corporation has located the credit union in the lower level by the printing department.  No more space was available. The credit union had been successful in providing their services to the Bayer employees and desperately needed to expand and upgrade their services.  As they became busier, sound privacy for their clients became a concern. Unfortunately, one Bayer employee overheard another Bayer employees’ financial transactions and made a comment. This did not please the overheard Bayer employee.  Sound privacy quickly became a major concern. Simultaneously, a portion of the printing department was being relocated.  Bayer Corporation could give the credit union an additional 1,500 square feet to add to their existing 1,000 square feet.   

By now, the existing credit union was so cramped that employees had only 5 square feet of workspace.  Once the renovation was completed, everyone, including employees, could not believe how open and light the new credit union was.  The space included four teller stations that are all custom casework; three full offices, a conference room, and a vault .  All spaces are accessible for individuals with disabilities.  Fabrics, furnishings, equipment, lighting and acoustic treatments all helped to soften the basement location.  Noise and acoustical wall treatments provided the acoustical privacy that the Bayer Corporation employees desired.  We achieved our goals.  The project was a success.