Good Shepherd Lutheran Church

By reorganizing existing space and adding an accessible entrance, interior ramp and an accessible family restroom, the Good Shepherd Lutheran Church provided its congregation a creative, cost effective solution that updated and organized the church’s space to be more greeting and welcoming.

Good Shepherd Lutheran Church

Monroeville, PA

Interior Renovation/Interior Design/Accessibility

Project Description

 The Good Shepherd Church desired to have an accessible church.  With its original multi-level design, the church thought that the only solution was a wheelchair lift.  The building committee began their research of lifts and architects.  They asked Tusick & Associates Architects to advise them on accessibility. While reviewing the church’s space and listening to the building committee, Tusick & Associates Architects recommended  a low maintenance, cost effective, silent ramp by an automated entrance door as well as a family restroom for accessibility.  Additionally, we recommended the review and reorganization of the offices, reception area, parlor, and adult class room.  The end result was a cost effective, accessible renovation that greatly increased the usage of existing space.