Homewood North: Multi-Family Housing Renovation

Less than 10 months to Design and Build Two Million Dollars worth of site and housing Renovations. In the end, we had only 3% of the construction cost in Change Orders and were completed on time.

Housing Authority of the City of Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh, PA

Multi-Family Housing Renovation for Uniform Federal Accessible Standards Compliance

Project Description

Homewood North is a community settled on top of a hill in the Homewood section of the City of Pittsburgh.  It is owned by the Housing Authority of the City of Pittsburgh and is comprised of 120 townhouses and 15 apartments complying with Uniformed Federal Accessibilty Standards (UFAS).  Until 2009, the Homewood North community had no accessible units.  The federal agency, US Housing and Urban Development (HUD), mandated the City of Pittsburgh Housing Authority to have UFAS compliant units. Simultaneously, it received a stimulous package for geo-thermal energy for all of the units.  Both had a strict time line. All construction had to be completed by November, 2009 and pre-design services had not even begun as of January, 2009.  Within three months, Architectural Services through Construction Documents, with all the beaurocratic mutiple level review processes by HACP, HACP construction consultants, UFAS third party review, and HUD reviews, were completed. The project was bid by the four prime contractors and construction work began.

Weekly construction meetings occurred with the construction manager who was running the project. All team members were present to address concerns immediatley in the field or back in the office as quickly as possible.

Mid–November, 2009 substanial completion occurred and UFAS compliance review began for the site and its renovated units.  By the end of November, all construction was completed.  The scope of work for each modified unit was the following:  the exterior shell remained, new windows, doors, and lighting were installed to increase the energy efficiency of each unit, the interior space was completely demolished and all-new, accessible units were constructed that had  energy efficient geo-thermal units.  Change Orders were only 3% of the construction cost.  All Change Orders were due to unforseen conditions. Homewood North has two, three, four, and six bedroom units that are now fully accessible.