Addison Terrace Renovations

The Housing Authority of the City of Pittsburgh owns Addison Terrace. This tree-lined family community of three story apartment buildings housing 781 units and 45 townhouses is the oldest housing project in United States. Due its age and constant usage, the public entrances and interior public stairs required evaluation. We provided a report document, all conditions of the public entries and interior public stairs with construction documents, probable construction cost, scheduling and a proposed temporary relocation plan.

Housing Authority of the City of Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh, PA


Project Description

Addison Terrace is located on 2025 Bentley Drive, Pittsburgh, PA and is owned by the Housing Authority of the City of Pittsburgh.  Its’ proximity to downtown Pittsburgh allows residents to enjoy the City of Pittsburgh summer fireworks right from their own yard.  With easy access to the south side, East End, and Oakland, this tree-lined family community of 781 apartments and 45 row houses is the oldest housing project in United States.

Due to its age and usage, renovations needed to occur.  The exterior lighting and the sidewalks needed to be repaired, replaced, and made accessible; the entrance doors and interior stairs were corroding; entrance keys were not opening doors; pedestrian level entrance signage was missing in ¾ of the entrance ways.  Our scope of professional services was to photograph and document the existing conditions for the exterior lighting, the sidewalks, all entrances for the apartment buildings and townhouses and three flights of interior public steel stairs; test for toxins such as lead-based paint; and entrance signage. 

The daily documentation by architectural and engineering teams took over a month.  The greatest task was photographing the three levels of the public interior stairs.  Due to the degree of corrosion in the stringers, landings, treads, risers, handrails and their support posts, the team developed a system of documentation that coordinated the pictures with the stair and entry schedules.  The interior public stairs proposed the greatest challenge since they were the only stairs in the building and the only access to apartments on the upper two floors for each apartment building.  No secondary means of exiting existed.  All gathered information was placed in CAD on a stair or door schedule with plans and details for stair type or door type. An opinion of probable cost for tenant relocation and construction cost was generated for the entries and interior public stairs. Construction phasing plans were proposed to coordinate the tenant relocation and the construction for safety and time efficiency. All this information was summarized in a report to the Housing Authority of the City of Pittsburgh.