Burke Residence

This renovation and addition was all about their family. The final design compliments the colonial house and gave it the space and comfort for the family to enjoy.

Burke Family

Fox Chapel, PA

Residential Renovation/Addition

Project Description

The decision was made. The house was too small and renovations and additions would occur before the four children were off to college. In other words, this was all for the family.  It was apparent that Chip and Kathy dearly loved their two girls and two boys.  They wanted a home that was fun and family centered.  Each child was to have their own bedroom for privacy and studying.   Since studying now involved the internet, access would be provided, but it had to be controlled access.  All internet access was and is controlled from Kathy’s office. 

The kitchen was important because it is a family center and because Kathy enjoys cooking.  She desired a large, well organized eat-in kitchen to share time with the family and friends. To keep the kitchen from being chaotic, we organized the circulation through the space, around the space and to the kids’ favorite foods/ snacks.  This allows Kathy to cook in peace without interference; the hungry teenagers can access the refrigerator, a microwave, water, trash and selected foods without crossing into the baking or cooking area.  A large center island allows for socializing, baking or quick meals.  On Sunday and a few week nights a peaceful meal occurs in the breakfast area.  

Chip and Kathy desired their teenagers and their friends to hang out at their home when visiting.  A first floor family room with access to the patio, pergola, and grass was added. In the basement there is a pool table, poker table, big screen TV and video game area was incorporated into the design for the boys as an additional option.  Adults and children could enjoy either area.  The children could watch movies upstairs or downstairs; being with the adults or independent.   The final design compliments the colonial house and gave it the space and comfort for the family to enjoy.