Jewart’s Gymnastics / Climb North

The design was so successful that people came just to see it and business sales are up 28% as a result.

Jewart’s Gymnasium

Wildwood, PA

Interior Renovation

Project Description

Tusick & Associates Architects, Inc. was hired to renovate the main entrance for all her students ranging in age from three to eighteen.  The area was drab and in great need of updating. It should be fun, exciting, multi functional as well as organized and directional.    The space recently had cubbies built for the students’ backpacks, but no space existed for the parents to sit and wait, no area to display the sparkle leotards that are sold, the existing office was hidden from view, and the climbing wall sales area need an identity as well as it entrance.   All this had to be incorporated into less than 1,000 square feet. 

Our goal was to be creative, cost effective, fun and functional.   We had only three summer months before hundreds of students returned for the fall season of activities and competitions.  So the work began.  On one side the walls were slanted, stopped short of the ceiling for indirect lighting and we had big holes cut into to them for visibility and fun.

Between the series of slated walls were seating, mirrors and trophies, a climbing wall counter and sales area, the entrance to the climbing wall and the window to the office.  The opposite wall had a slat wall system to hang sparkling leotards that reflected in the mirrors. Past the sparkling leotard display was the hall of fame with its numerous pictures. This area was used for sleepovers and birthday parties.  Disney color paints were on the walls.  The blue carpeting had multi-colored confetti throughout its design that would glow in the dark.  To add dark lights for the glowing carpeting, we incorporated 2’-0” long fluorescent lights in a star burst pattern where every other one was a dark light.  This also gave them stars on the ceiling.  The competing team was excited about this since it is called the “North Stars”.

The design was so successful that people that saw it talked about and more people came just to see it.  Business sales are up 28% from the excitement the renovated space created.