Office of Vocational Rehabilitation



Disability Renovations

Project Description

Tusick & Associates Architects have been providing professional services for the Office of Vocational Rehabilitation (OVR) for over 16 years.   OVR is the Pennsylvania Office of Vocational Rehabilitation, a State Agency that helps persons with disabilities help themselves to prepare for, start, and maintain a career. OVR has fifteen offices located around the State with over 400 professional vocational rehabilitation counselors.   Presently, we are providing architectural service for five offices and have provided home and workplace modifications for over 680 individuals. These individuals are persons who have physical, mental, and emotional disabilities.
A site visit begins our professional role. An OVR counselor reviews the case with us, set up the site meeting with the client and reviews the requested modifications. We examine the space, review the existing conditions, measure the area(s), and review potential options with the client. After the site meeting, we input the existing conditions into CAD, develop a preliminary scheme and review the scheme with the client. Modifications are made based upon the review and construction documents are generated. Once OVR has received the construction documents, a pre-bid meeting date is established and contractors are invited to bid. The lowest bidder is awarded the contract and has 30 days to start construction. 
During construction, we provided site inspections, answer construction questions from the contractor and the, issues sketched are required and/or change orders. Near the end of the project, we generate a punch list and a final inspection.

 The whole purpose of our services is to provide modifications that allow an individual with disabilities to continue working. We look at it as providing freedom.