Dodasovich Residence


Pittsburgh, PA

Residential Addition

Project Description

Tusick & Associates Architects was approached to design a 250 sq. ft. addition to a 1,000 sq. ft.  existing house that would provide extended living space and accommodate an elderly family member.  A precise budget was adhered to and design choices were taken to compliment certain requirements.  The existing veneer stone where the addition was placed was saved and reused on the basement level.  Other steps were taken to save cost, including reuse of existing radiators, windows, and other materials.  Wood siding was used on the first and second floors to reduce cost.  The addition was designed to blend with the existing house and provide pleasant views out toward the garden area. 

The bathroom renovation was designed to be accessible.  High-end fixtures and tile were incorporated into the design of the open bathroom layout.  Steps were taken to ensure the addition blended as seamlessly as possible with the existing house.